A major contributor to workplace productivity is the level of noise. Chatty coworkers, ringing phones, and background noise in an office cause serious distractions to the flow of work. This leads to less focus and concentration for your employees.

Without an efficient noise control system in place, sounds bounce around your workplace; echoing and creating ambient noise. Which is far from optimal for a working environment.

There is a way to reduce unwanted noise in the workplace – adding acoustic panels. Acoustic panels are an innovative way to control the noise of a room while enhancing the style of your space. Improving the acoustics of an area will encourage productivity and focus among your staff. Good acoustics results in fewer distractions and a more pleasant work environment.

This article will discuss what acoustic panels are, and the top 5 benefits of installing them in your workplace.

5 Reasons to Install Acoustic Panels

  1. Create pleasant environments for productive work
  2. Improve the Look of Your Office
  3. Transform your Conference Room
  4. Impress Clients and Customers
  5. Get Acoustic Panels Designed Specifically for your Workspace

1. Create a More Pleasant Work Environment with Acoustic Panels

How often do you find yourself distracted at work, or see the inevitably not-so-subtle ‘my headphones on’ signal from a colleague?

Open-floor designs are common in the workspace of today. Visually, these designs embrace natural light and a huge sense of space, working to boost energy levels and foster a collaborative work environment.

And yet open-plan offices are a double edged sword in terms of acoustics: the sheer amount of open space offers virtually nothing in the way of controlling the sound inherently generated within any functioning work environment.

Noise from anywhere, is suddenly everywhere!

The whirring of fans, meetings, chatting or laughter, loud footsteps, and computers are all part and parcel — but If not dealt with, sound accumulates to a frustrating level, causing stress, impacting productivity and has a real effect on staff happiness.

The solution: manage your Acoustics!

Strategic and subtle placement of wall panels, ceiling panels, or acoustic ceiling tiles not only stops sound reflection and reverberations in a room — they work in harmony and enhance the modern, visual impact of open-plan working.

The real result of optimal sound quality? A distraction-free environment to improve creativity, focus, satisfaction and workplace productivity.

2. Improve the Look of Your Office

Who wants to be described as an employer who’s just a 9-to-5? What your employees and visitors think about you has a lasting impact on your brand.

In a place where employees can spend over 40 hrs a week, a visually appealing workplace provides them with a comfortable, stimulating, productive and ultimately moral-boosting workplace.

The look of workspaces speaks volumes about your business to staff and customers alike. Leave them with the right impression by designing a workspace that not only looks and feels amazing, but is a place they enjoy being every day.

From reception areas, conference rooms, lounges, to work areas, Dbsorb provides an acoustic solution to improve every location.

Strengthen your physical brand.

Whether transforming or modernising the look of your office, embracing a sense of space, or lush sound control: Acoustics can be made to enhance your brand.

Incorporate your corporate colours and designs, in a way that communicates your brand, and leave people with a lasting perception of who you and your values are.

3. Transform your Conference Room

Your business conference room is where your most important meetings take place. Conference rooms are designed to look sleek and modern, but this often leads to a terrible acoustic environment. Small rooms with hard walls reflect every sound, creating an echo-chamber effect. This is not ideal when you are presenting to your team or potential clients.

If your business requires video conferences when dealing with clients, a conference room with good acoustics is crucial. You don’t want the people on the other end of the call hearing sound reflections and echoes every time someone speaks.

Bad acoustics can distract the speaker and prevent their message from being heard. This is a total turn off to potential clients and makes for unproductive team meetings. Conference room acoustic treatment will transform your meeting space. Acoustic wall and ceiling panels will absorb and control the sound of your conference room.

Acoustic panels also help to maintain privacy by preventing sounds from bouncing from room to room. So, the discussions of private meetings held in your conference room will not leak out to the rest of your office.

4. Impress Clients and Customers

First impressions of your business are created the moment your clients or customers step through the door. A dull, boring room will do nothing to benefit the image of your business. But, by creating that ‘wow-factor’ you automatically increase the likelihood of a client working with you or a customer purchasing the product/service that you offer.

That’s the beauty of acoustic panels in your workspace. At dbsorb, our innovative acoustic solutions will not only improve the acoustic control of a room but also give your space a fresh, modern look.

5. Get Acoustic Panels Designed Specifically for Your Workspace

With over two decades of knowledge and experience in acoustics, the team at dbsorb will create acoustic solutions that are purposely built for your workplace.

At no cost to you, dbsorb will have someone assess your workspace, and consult you on your acoustic solution options. Every project that we undertake is unique, we will manufacture a solution that works for you and your business with our tailored-to-location designs. Book your free consultation with the acoustic experts today!

If you choose to transform the acoustics in your workspace, we pride ourselves on installing acoustic panels with minimal disruptions to your business. We manufacture our acoustic solutions in house and have them prepared well before installation, this ensures your space is ready for immediate use after installation.