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At dbsorb, we create amazing acoustic solutions for every space. Our team is made up of innovators who design, develop, and manufacture a wide range of acoustic solutions. Every acoustic project we undertake is special. We revolutionize the sound and look of your space in a way that is unique to your needs. Whether you want people to relax, learn, work, or grow in your space, we can develop an acoustic solution that matches it.

No matter what type of building needs acoustic solutions, our knowledge and expertise allow us to do it all. From commercial office buildings to residential homes, educational centers, to large open spaces, we have you covered. Each project we undertake is personalized and purpose-built to its space.

We specialize in fitting acoustic wall panels and acoustic ceiling tiles that look fantastic and create higher sound quality in any area. Our Ready-Clip™ acoustic panels are prepared prior to installation and require minimal disruption to your space. Not only do we specialize in acoustic solutions, but we also excel in soundproofing spaces. We use high-quality sound-absorbing panels and material to prevent unwanted sounds from entering or escaping an area.

Controlling the sound in your workplace has an enormous impact on employee productivity, work atmosphere, and impressing clients.

We have acoustic solutions to match the design and improve the sound of any office, conference room, retail area, or commercial building.

We have transformed spaces in commercial buildings where the most important business meetings take place, with meeting room and conference room acoustic treatments.

Good acoustics play an important role in the effectiveness of Hospitality spaces.

Our budget-friendly acoustic solutions will give your café, restaurant or other hospitality facility better sound quality, ensuring your customers are comfortable ang have a pleasant atmosphere.

Our acoustic solutions for home theatres, home offices, lounges, and living areas are thoughtfully designed to create superior sound quality.

We design everything in-house so we can match our acoustic panels to any look.

We can soundproof your home office to recreate your working environment or add acoustic panels to improve the sound of your home theatre.

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