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dbsorb are innovators in designing, developing and manufactoring high- performance acoustic products.

We will work with you to develop the perfect solution for your product – in line with your vision, bugdet and your target date.

how we work

Acoustic audit &

A free* onsite acoustic check ensures we develop a solution specific to your space, and ensure you only use the material you need for maximum results.


dbsorb products are designed using high performing, locally stocked acoustic materials. Lightweight, semi-rigid, and customisable to suit an array of applications floor to ceiling.

Design &

Products are designed, engineered and manufactured in house, for a solution that performs and works for your project and spacial requirements.


We process and prepare our panels prior to installation, meaning disruption on-site is minimal, doesn’t use glue or visible fasters, and ensures your space is immediately ready for use.

*$__.00 per consultaion, fee retributed if sale completed

What are acoustic panels?

Installing sound insulation is the perfect solution for your project, whether you want to install it in your home studio or need to create a space with no distractions. No matter the acoustic solutions you are looking for though, you need to have an understanding of what you are looking for.

In fact, acoustic panels NZ will have different results depending on their specifications. Therefore, you might need to pick different ones for your soundproof walls and others for your acoustic ceiling. At dbsorb, you will find modern acoustic tiles and foam insulation NZ specifically designed for your project.


The first thing that you need to determine when looking for acoustic panels is their thickness. It comes as no surprise that the panel’s thickness determines the efficiency of the wall insulation NZ. A simple rule to remember is that the thicker the panel, the greater soundproofing you will enjoy. However, it is also important to note that thickness is not the only specification that determines the acoustic tile’s efficiency.


Another thing that you need to carefully consider while choosing insulated panels NZ is the surface sculpture pattern. The sound absorbing panels NZ can be flat or have a sculpted surface. These are great for soundproofing existing walls NZ since the pattern absorbs and reflects the sound thus providing you with an effective result. Of course, the panel’s effectiveness is greatly influenced by the nature of your project and the frequency of the sound waves the reach the soundproofing foam NZ.


One more thing to consider beforehand is the area of the insulation installation. This will greatly affect your decision when it comes to the size of the panels. For example, you might need soundproof curtains NZ or acoustic ceiling panels NZ, depending on your ultimate goal and the walls you need to soundproof. Dbsorb designs, engineers, and manufactures the products in house so that it covers all of your needs..

Noise reduction

The last thing that you need to remember when wanting to install acoustic foam NZ is the NRC rating. This practically shows you what percentage of the sound is absorbed by the panels. For instance, an NRC rating of 0.50 means that the material will absorb 50% of the sound and you will hear the remaining 50%.







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