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Glue Free Mounting Systems

Our innovative glue free mounting systems lead the way with sustainable installation.
We design for easy dissemble and reuse – with no toxic glues or high-energy aluminum.


Patent Pending
Glue-Free install
Eliminates high-energy Aluminium


Patent pending
Glue-Free install
Eliminates high-energy Aluminium


Patent pending
Glue-Free install
Eliminates toxic adhesives

Acoustic audit &

An onsite acoustic check ensures we develop a solution specific to your space, and ensure you only use the material you need for maximum results.


dbsorb products are designed using high performing, locally stocked acoustic materials. Lightweight, semi-rigid, and customisable to suit an array of applications floor to ceiling.

Design &

Products are designed, engineered and manufactured in house, for a solution that performs and works for your project and spacial requirements.


We process and prepare our panels prior to installation, meaning disruption on-site is minimal, doesn’t use glue or visible fasters, and ensures your space is immediately ready for use.

why acoustics matter

Sound is vibration

Our semi-rigid fibrous acoustic material allows sound waves to be absorbed and converted into kinetic energy, reducing in-room reverberation (echo)

We will work with you to find the best solution for your space

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

The mathematical method to calculate how much sound is absorbed. The sound absorption level is ranked from 0 to 1.0. Therefore, the higher the NRC of a material, the better it is at absorbing and converting sound.


Sabin is a unit of sound measurement, measuring how effectively one square meter of material surface can absorb and convert sound waves. This makes NRC and Sabin closely related: the higher the Sabin count, the higher the NRC value.



Reverberation is similar to echo. If your room leaves a residual lingering or boomy sound, we can help you.


The next step

We specialise in in-room acoustics. Containing sound and reducing reverberation is what we do best! Fill in our contact form, or give us a call! Our team of sound specialists are happy to help.


a solution for every space

dbsorb are innovators in designing, manufacturing high-performance acoustic products with easy installations

We will work with you to develop the perfect solution for your space- in line with your vision, budget and target date







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