It can be overwhelming to come home after a long day of work to meet a noisy environment. But with an effective noise control system, you’ll be able to keep your home peaceful and quiet. Thanks to Dbsorbs acoustic panels, you can enhance your home’s design while keeping it peaceful. Acoustic panels have many benefits, and you’ll learn all about them in the sections below.

What are Acoustic Panels?

Acoustic panels are placed on ceilings or walls to help absorb sound and enhance its properties. These panels are good for controlling sounds, eliminating echoes, and reducing ambient noise in a room. These sound-absorbing panels can be cut into different shapes and sizes. This means that they can be customized to suit the room’s style and design.

Unlike bass traps, acoustic wall panels handle the mid and high frequencies inside a room. If you’re looking to reduce the resonance in a room, acoustic panels will help with that. However, these panels only absorb sound and cannot be used for soundproofing. They aim to control the residual sound in a given space.

Excellent at improving sound quality, acoustic panels are often used to treat living space acoustics, recording studio acoustics, restaurant acoustics, home theater acoustics, and home offices. Properly installed acoustic ceiling panels can absorb or diffuse sound right from the first reflection point. Effective acoustic panels require minimal materials and are a fantastic addition to the design of a room.

Improving the acoustics will help keep the atmosphere in your home peaceful and quiet. Good acoustics means fewer distractions and a more serene home environment.

Benefits of Installing Acoustic Panels in Your Home

  • Increased Privacy
  • More Comfort
  • Better Entertainment

1. Increased Privacy

Sound can bounce around hard surfaces within your room, but acoustic wall panels will keep it from escaping. Good acoustics can help you stop others from listening in on your personal conversations. You’ll no longer worry about whether your guests, roommates, or kids can hear you. Installing acoustic panels on your ceiling and walls will result in increased privacy.

Acoustic panels absorb and control echoes from conversations, music, or television sound. This means you can have undisturbed conversations in your home and watch your favourite TV shows in peace.

2. Better Entertainment

If you are looking for cost-efficient ways to up the quality of your home’s sound system, look no further than installing acoustic panels. With good acoustic treatment, in combination with other solutions such as bass traps, you can improve the quality of your sound system and home speakers. Alongside absorbing sound and reducing noise, some acoustic panels also diffuse sound thanks to designing features like beveled edges, bends and fins.

However, you must be careful as your room can sound uncomfortably dead when it has excess sound absorption. For your room to sound natural and clear, the panels must break up and redirect sound effectively.

3. More Comfort

Although you may not notice this benefit easily, acoustic wall panels can make your home more comfortable. Noise pollution and background sound can be very irritating, eating away your peace and quiet. You may end up feeling unnerved and irritated due to excess sound hitting your ears. Installing sound-absorbing panels in your home can be easy, but you must do it properly if you want to enjoy a more comfortable home.

Choosing the Right Acoustic Panels for Your Needs

There are certain things you must check while choosing the right acoustic panels for your needs, and they include:

Acoustic Performance (NRC)

Before choosing the acoustic panels for your needs, you should check its Sound Absorption Coefficient (SAC), otherwise known as Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). This rating will help you know how effective the material we will be in absorbing sound. If the rating is 0.00, it means that the material is perfectly reflective. On the other hand, the material is perfectly absorptive if it reads 1.00.

It is important to know that a NRC rating between the range of 0.65 and 1.00 is ideal. This rating depends on the percentage of frequencies the material can control. However, the best acoustic ceiling panels, including the Ready-Clip acoustic panels that we use have a NRC rating of at least 0.65.

Physical Characteristics

While choosing the right acoustic panels for your needs, you should check physical characteristics like density, size, and thickness. Generally thicker and denser perform better, also the size and density of the panels will affect their ease of installation.

It won’t be easy to install big and heavy material in tight corners. So you must consider where you intend to install the panels before purchasing them.


While choosing the most effective acoustic panels to suit your needs, it is wise to go for one that’s style and color match your room. Our team at dbsorb can design and customize acoustic panels to perfectly match any space.


You can get sound-absorbing panels at different prices. The price largely depends on the size, quality of the panel, the number of panels in the pack, and more. At dbsorb we can find acoustic solutions to suit any budget, and we will never compromise on our high standard of quality.

Where to get Acoustic Panels

Dbsorb is a top designer, manufacturer, and installer of acoustic panels in New Zealand. Contact us for any of your acoustic needs. We are ready to assess your living space to provide you with the best acoustic options. We will find the right acoustic panel for your residential space.

Our Process:

  • Acoustic Audit and Consultation
  • Decide on the perfect materials for your Acoustic Panels.
  • We Design and Manufacture your Acoustic Panels
  • Install your Acoustic Panels if required.

Make dbsorb your first choice when looking for Acoustic Solutions in New Zealand. Our simple process will revolutionize the look, feel, and sound of your home. Contact us by phone or email today to discuss.